Shared moments

Chance encounters

You'd almost think these photos were taken to illustrate Corona social distancing measures. Although that isn’t the case, they beautifully portray the ability of people to relate to one another despite the distance.

This work is created in two stages. I first find a place and familiarise myself with the atmosphere. I carefully examine the location through the lens of my camera, determine the angle and the exact positions where people will stand. Finally, I approach passers-by and invite them to take part in the photo.

Gedeelde momenten, een project van Margareta Svensson

The composition is determined in advance; who the personages will be depends on coincidence. A kind of anticipatory tension comes into play when prospective participants arrive on the scene.

A first series was made in Almere (2016) a small Dutch city. There I noticed how relaxed people were about letting themselves be photographed. I wanted to see if people living in a big city would also be so cooperative. Yes, people were just as willing in Seoul as they were in small provincial towns in Sweden. I’m presently working in Amsterdam exploring the influence of the Corona restrictions on public life.

Momenten met een familie uit Korea

Seoul, South Korea

Kinderen spelen samen in Almere

Sports facility in Almere Buiten district, The Netherlands

Gedeelde momenten in Vetlanda

Vetlanda, Sweden

Gedeelde momenten in Zuid-Korea

Women’s University, Seoul, South Korea

Jonge mensen op straat in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea

Gedeelde momenten in Oskarshamn

Oskarshamn, Sweden