Intimate works of art on paper

Photographing drawings takes not only precision but also having an approach in mind. Drawings are often lacking in colour and contrast so the photo could easily end up being too grey or ‘flat’. In a well-lit drawing, the subtle shades of the white paper and the structure of the fibres come to life. The images are edited and given standard reference colours to allow for their optimal publication.

What I personally like about drawings is the intimate atmosphere they convey. The intuitive nature of the medium—often the first concrete execution of an idea in modest form—contributes to a feeling of being close to the maker.

This selection of drawings was photographed for the catalogue Goltzius to Van Gogh:, Drawings and Paintings from the P & N de Boer Foundation an exhibition in Paris displayed at Fondation Custodia in 2014. The drawings below were made by the following artists, respectively: Jacob Jordaens, Vincent van Gogh, David Vinckboons, Adriaen Pietersz van de Venne, Roelant Saverij and Jacques de Gheyn.