So many fragile objects

Ceramics in all different shapes, colours and sizes have often been the subject of my photography assignments. In 2019, for example, I was asked to photograph 2000 objects by the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands. It's an interesting and varied collection, but here the specific request was to get this done as quickly as possible.

Photographing a lot of objects in a short period of time requires a tight structure and cooperation. An efficient workflow was designed in consultation with a team of enthusiastic employees from the organisation.

Een fotograaf heeft assistentie nodig bij het fotograferen van objecten van keramiek

Positioning an object for photographing. Not all the objects were able to stand on their own.


It was an intense period: objects were brought in and out as quickly as the handling of these objects would allow.

Many objects only needed a standard set-up, but with so many different shapes with shiny surfaces the lighting had to be constantly adjusted.

The entire collection has now been photographed and the objects packed and transported to their new depot in Amersfoort.

Porselein is een van de vele vormen van keramiek uit de collectie van RCE

Terrine with lid, porcelain, decorated with flowers, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands.


Sponge holder with sieve and lid, white pottery, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands.

Een object van steengoed op de foto door Margareta Svensson

Glazed stoneware inkwell, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands.

Voor een fotograaf is dit object van keramiek een uitdaging door de glans

Scalloped leaf-shaped dish with fish-skin pattern decorated with insects, rainbow glaze, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands.