A Mosaic of Lost Ones

Many years ago, I wrote an article about my mother’s mittens. Not long after her passing, I put on those mittens, and suddenly, I felt her hands. I was startled and delighted by the powerful sense of her presence in the mittens. It felt like a rare, almost mystical experience. Collaborating with Chaja van Kollem,…

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The stay-at-home photographer

Foto's bewerken en optimaliseren

How about going on a trip with me? We’re off to Southern Africa; right now it’s summer there. Imagine that the Corona virus doesn’t yet exist or has already been rendered harmless for humans and animals. Having safely arrived, we head to nature to see places where animals live in harmony with their environment. A…

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Finally, back among the people!

Äntligen ute bland folk igen!

As the saying goes: We live in strange times! More than three months ago, in March 2020, the myriad of things that give a city its vibrancy came to an abrupt standstill. I was reminded of the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, about a beautiful princess who is cursed by an evil witch. After pricking…

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Last day of school

De laatste schooldag voor de zomer is een groot feest

Let me take you on a trip to Sweden. June is such a special month there. Nature is at its best: everything blooms and flourishes and even the night sky is light as day. This journey is thanks to a 1970s pantsuit – just like the mittens found amongst the textiles I inherited from my mother.…

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Time travel with textiles

Tijdreizen met textiel met een paar wanten als reissleutel

A search for sensory experiences  The French writer Marcel Proust described in a now famous scene how the sensation of scent and taste can bring the past to life. While biting into a Madeleine cake dipped in lime-blossom tea, the narrator of the story suddenly relives a moment from his youth. The past is suddenly…

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