Looking back on 2023

I reflect on a productive year these last days of 2023. ‘A Mosaic of Lost Ones’, the art project I created with Chaja van Kollem, has been presented twice. First at Theater Bellevue in the company of the performance ‘Dear friends, family, and guests’ (September-October 2023), and a week and a half later in the Hoftuin in Amsterdam.

Our book is for sale

Buy the book A Mosaic of Lost Ones
Buy the book ‘A Mosaic of Lost Ones’. Photography: Margareta Svensson, text: Chaja van Kollem, design: Ymer Marinus.

We have also published a book featuring all participants with photos and stories. I am proud of the book. The design created by Ymer Marinus, is very gentle and includes subtle details that enhance the story in the photographs and the text. The result is a tactile book, suitable for remembering with the senses. Some comments from readers are available on the website of the project.

Currently, we are still busy with the distribution of the book. If you order the book through our website, you will have it in your hands within a few days. Perhaps you want the book for yourself or someone else. Or maybe you know of a suitable bookstore that we can approach? We would love to hear from you!

Thanks for all the help!

Many of you actively contributed to the success of this year through our crowdfunding campaign. Thanks to your help, self-publishing the book became possible. We feel honored and thankful for the tremendous support.

Een Mozaïek van Verlorenen in te Hoftuin, van links naar rechts: Chaja van Kollem, Margareta Svensson en Dominique van Loosdrecht
Chaja and I at the exhibition in the Hoftuin, along with Dominique, who helped us greatly with hanging and installing the exhibitions.

Copper plates

November was dedicated to Ameland, as I mentioned in an earlier article. That was also a great success; many people saw my photos of the historical copper plates and were inspired by the exciting background of the project. The atmosphere during ‘Art Month Ameland’ was very special, and I was happy to be part of it. For those for whom Ameland was too far away, don’t worry! Another presentation might be coming up soon! You will hear more about it in the new year.

Many pleasant clients

In addition to my artistic work, I still enjoy photographing the art of others. For years, I primarily worked with old and famous artworks, but this year, less-known pieces from family collections and currently active artists have appeared in front of my camera. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my clients for their trust!

I wish you all happy holidays and a great start of the new year. There is much to wish for in the new year, peace and good health above all.

Warm regards,


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