Margareta Svensson fotografie

art, objects and interiors

Margarareta Svensson fotografie

High resolution photography

Large or small paintings, drawings and other works on paper beautifully and objectively photographed.

An extremely high-resolution photo not only allows for the details of a work to be closely studied, but also makes it possible to print a very large image.

Having accurate photos taken during and after a restoration is an important part of the overall process. It’s also important to be able to compare the photos and clearly see the details of a work, therefore standards for colour reproduction and a consistent work method are necessary.

Picturing art objects

Personal preferences and consistency play a significant role in the photography of objects.

Every object is different; both the form and materials influence a photographic image. Nonetheless, tried-and-true practices can be used to keep production values high.

Would you like to know more about photographing glass, ceramics, textiles, wood or metal? Each material requires a different approach. Read about how to best photograph objects such as household goods, sculpture, lamps and archaeological finds.

fotografie van objecen
Margareta Svensson, fotograaf van interieurs

Historic interiors

Capturing the ambience of an interior offers an impression of another time or a unique location.

A balance between natural light and added light enhances the readability of an image without the original feeling of the space being lost.

A magnificent castle or canal house offers an impression of the spirit of the times, but this also applies to less ostentatious interiors. Thanks to interior photos, cultural heritage is placed in perspective.

Personal work

Your own works of art are by definition personal. Reflections about myself, the past and the world today are my main starting points.

Still, almost an entire life surrounded by museum objects has of course shaped my aesthetic. I’m also very interested in cultural heritage, in what is left behind or kept for posterity.

These photographs are not documents of any existing reality but depictions created for the photograph itself. I draw my inspiration from the creative space between fantasy and the world around us.

Margareta Svensson makes independent art work
Fotos of Copper Plates exhibited at the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands.

Current articles

In April 2024 there is an exhibition of my pictures of the historical copper plates at the Agency of Cultural Heritage of the Netherlands.

Moreover, you can read about exciting assignments and special tips for photographing art, objects, and interiors.

And through personal stories accompanying my own photo work, you get to know more about the individuals in all the beautiful pictures.

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