Last day of school

De laatste schooldag voor de zomer is een groot feest

Let me take you on a trip to Sweden. June is such a special month there. Nature is at its best: everything blooms and flourishes and even the night sky is light as day. This journey is thanks to a 1970s pantsuit – just like the mittens found amongst the textiles I inherited from my mother.…

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Textiles from a sunken ship

Het fotograferen van textiel uit een scheepswrak

Seldom has a naval archaeological discovery received as much media attention as the Texel wreck BZN17, also known as the Palmwood wreck. No surprise, given this extremely unique find appeals to the imagination and the investigation into the shipwreck is an extremely exciting one. Among the more remarkable items retrieved are a number of textile objects.…

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Time travel with textiles

Tijdreizen met textiel met een paar wanten als reissleutel

A search for sensory experiences  The French writer Marcel Proust described in a now famous scene how the sensation of scent and taste can bring the past to life. While biting into a Madeleine cake dipped in lime-blossom tea, the narrator of the story suddenly relives a moment from his youth. The past is suddenly…

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Photography at a ‘higher plane’

The St Lawrence Altarpiece by Maarten van Heemskerck – An ultimate challenge I photographed this work on location in Linköping (Sweden), where it has been since 1582, in conjunction with the exhibition A Masterpiece comes home at the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar and in the St Lawrence Church in Alkmaar (until 7 October 2018). The altarpiece was originally commissioned…

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