Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions of Margareta Svensson fotografie

Unless otherwise agreed, the general terms and conditions of the association of Dutch Photographers (DuPho.) apply. Liability, copyright, and photographer’s credit are just some of the matters dealt with here. Find more detailed information in English via this link.

I usually work on location. This is advantageous because then a valuable work of art can stay where it belongs. The client is responsible for suggesting a suitable space on the premises where the work can be photographed: the decision is then made in consultation and to best serve the object. The client, or person designated by him or her, is responsible for the safe transport off the artwork if it must be moved.

Museums generally prefer to own the image rights, which is completely understandable. In certain cases, I agree to the transfer of these rights. Yet, this isn’t the same as personality rights which are inextricably linked to the person who has made the images.
Whether the user rights of a photo are transferred or not, it is required to mention the photographer’s name in the event of publication, also on the Internet.

This seems like a good place to thank all my clients who continually make the effort to comply with this obligation.

As a photographer, from time to time, I like to use images I’ve shot for my own promotional purposes, for instance on this website. I always do this in consultation with the client and never violate any confidentiality agreements.

All the images appearing on this website are copyrighted and may not be used or reproduced in any other way without written permission.