Portraying old masters

Photographing paintings requires a particular kind of expertise. Even the most beautiful works of art have cracks and imperfections. By using the right illumination, the unique structure of a painting or an object is portrayed at its best, without bothersome reflections. Also colour balance and contrast are always measured to meet high professional standards.

I feel privileged to experience paintings considered amongst the most admired and valuable of Dutch cultural heritage up close and personal. People of bygone eras come to life before your eyes and the stories and scenes portrayed on the canvases and panels stir the imagination.

The three paintings below are on display in the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem. First: The Flood by the 16th-century painter Jan Nagel; followed by: Rederijkers’s Procession Commemorating the Siege of Haarlem by an unknown artist; and lastly: Venus and Cupid Lamenting the Dead Adonis by C.P. Holsteijn, c. 1647.