Shimmering motifs on linen

Photographing Damask tablecloths and napkins is a huge challenge. The pattern is only visible from a certain angle and even under optimum conditions the contrast is low. The task at hand is to make the shimmer of the material visible, and preferably have the motif stand out: be darker against its lighter background.

The patterns in Damask are created by the weaving technique. It is amazing to think that so much human attention and creativity goes into making something with such a subtle appearance: the shimmering softness of the linen, the role it serves as a setting for elegant meals.

Below are a number of newly-produced napkins and tablecloths available via Sanny De Zoete, Antiek Design Linnengoed, an online shop specializing in antique & design linens.
First a napkin with the the words Liefde geeft je vergezichten, (Love expands your horizons) interwoven into the cloth, then a Butterfly-motif table runner designed by Chris Labeau, followed by two images of a napkin and tablecloth with grapevines and lastly a napkin with a family crest interwoven in the design.